Life can throw many things at us, when we are diagnosed with cancer or have a friend or relative who is, our lives can be blown apart! Our usual resources depleted, we may feel we have exhausted our coping strategies, this can leave us feeling tired, drained, with little or no motivation. Or we might find ourselves in the same difficult situation, over and over again, and begin to wonder how we got there.


Certain life events can have a traumatic effect, leaving us feeling anxious or depressed. Events like a bereavement, illness, change in family circumstances, or a relationship breakdown.


Our therapists are committed to offering you a confidential, therapeutic space where you can examine and explore your issues. Our belief is that whatever your problems/difficulties, you hold the solutions. Anxiety and depression can often prevent us from seeing clearly and we sometimes need help to find a way forward, counselling can be a safe space for you to do this, without being judged or pushed in any way.


All our therapists are members of BACP and work within the therapeutic framework, they all receive regular supervision.


If you are wondering if counselling would help you but are unsure get in touch and one of our team will be happy to have an informal chat with you as to which therapy might suit you best.


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