Withins Welly Walk 2018

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The Centre was originally created by Rachael and Adele who met at Airedale Hospital whilst receiving treatment for breast cancer. Both Rachael and Adele were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and both had young families, understandably their diagnosis was a big shock!!! They embarked on a journey of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy together. During their life changing journey they found great comfort and support in each other. Along the way they met other people in similar situations who did not have the support that their new found friendship had provided.

It became apparent that this type of support was not available in their area and so they decided to form a support group to help other cancer sufferers and their families. "Cancer can be the loneliest journey" says Rachael, " I was lucky to have Adele to share my journey with, we cried together, were sick together, we moaned together, but most of all we could laugh together, we could laugh at ourselves too, which isn't always easy when you are feeling so ill, we also found that we could share experiences and feelings in a way that we wouldn't have done with our families or friends just because we both GOT IT!"

Adele returned to work 2 years after the group was formed, Rachael decided to continue offering this valuable service and now works alongside a dedicated team of people who have all been affected by cancer in some way. The group became a Cancer Support Centre gaining charitable status in 2016. They moved to larger premises in order to grow with the increasing demand, and now provide a large range of services for people affected by cancer in the local area.